About Us
Hampton Productions, LLC was responsible for putting the Boys and Girls Books project together. David Hampton, the President of Hampton Productions, is also a web developer, author and screenwriter. After writing several screenplays and short stories over the years he turned his attention to Children's Books. He has authored two books that have been published on Amazon and is currently working on a third. After publishing his two children's books, David rapidly became aware of how popular the medium was, and how difficult it is to get your publication in front of potential readers. This website was created as a resource for aspiring writers, enabling them to position their publications in a less dense and competitive environment, yet still getting a healthy amount of search engine coverage.

We hope you will take the opportunity of submitting your literary works to our database so they can be featured on this website. The additional Internet exposure should prove most helpful in getting your books in the hands of interested readers. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments regarding Boys and Girls Books by clicking on the "Contact Us" button or emailing us at: Info@BoysAndGirlsBooks.com