What We Do
If you have a children's book listed on Amazon or another publisher's website, the chances are pretty good it's buried beneath thousands of books of all genres. Even if you search 'Children's Books' there will no doubt be a lot of listings to wade through before a potential buyer finds yours. This website specializes in Children's Book listings. And, since we're obviously not as big as Amazon, you'll find a lot less competition for potential readers here. Also, since our website only includes children's/kids' books our search criteria on Google is very specialized and focused on this medium, so a lot of potential readers are able to easily find us.

We charge a minimal listing fee to feature your publication(s) here. The listing includes an image of your book, a written synopsis and a direct link to Amazon (or other publisher) where it can be purchased.

Break out of the crowd and get your book in front of more readers today!